Welcome to All Star Kids
Leaving your child in someone else’s care can be a scary thing. But our families know they can rely on a safe and secure facility at All Star Kids.

We maintain a variety of safety precautions that ensure your child is kept safe throughout the day.

Security Doors: Our doors remain locked at all times and each parent is assigned a unique code to use when dropping off or picking up their child.

Fenced-in Playgrounds: We offer three personalized play areas for Infants, Toddlers and Pre-K kids designed around their unique needs. Play areas are only accessible through the corresponding class rooms.

Closed Circuit Monitoring: The center administrators can see what’s happening throughout the facility at all times.

Visitation Policy: Parents are welcome to visit their children any time. Grandparents are also welcome any time, but must be approved (in writing) by the parent(s) before arriving. Paperwork is available in the office.